Our office is located at 6901 Derbyshire Road, Indianapolis, IN  46227.

Our wonderful volunteers provide services to senior citizens (65+) who live in Perry Township, Marion County, Indiana.

Medical Transportation

We provide medical transportation for homebound seniors who live in Perry Township and whose appointments also take place within Perry Township, or up to 5 miles outside these boundaries. Every week we schedule volunteer drivers for the following week.  Therefore, we must have at least 10 days notice to provide medical transportation. We recommend a donation of at least $5 a trip so that we are able to cover our expenses. In addition, we are unable to transport seniors who are wheelchair bound. If you are in need of transportation services that can provide for wheelchair needs, please call CICOA at (317) 803-6153. Otherwise, please call our office to schedule a driver appointment or to sign up for services if you are a new client.

81% of our clients feel they can more confidently remain in their own homes or apartments because of Perry Seniors volunteers.

87% of our clients report feeling less lonely because of Perry Seniors volunteers.