Does Perry Seniors have a food pantry?2023-06-21T13:31:21-04:00

Not at this time.  Please check out the list of food pantries under Services.

How much do Medtransport rides cost?2023-06-21T13:27:54-04:00

They are free. We do accept and appreciate donations, but you will never be asked for money

Are you allowed to tip Volunteer Drivers?2023-06-21T13:14:01-04:00

Absolutely.  Our drivers are not paid.  They drive their own cars, provide their own gas and time.  You are most definitely allowed to show your appreciation.

Does Perry Seniors rent out the Community Room?2023-06-21T13:14:01-04:00

No – All rentals are done through Southport Clerk – Treasurer office.

If you would like to come see the rental room, please call Perry Seniors at 317-783-9231 to set up an appointment.

Open Monday – Thursday, 10am -3pm

Where is Perry Seniors located?2023-06-21T13:14:01-04:00

Address: 6901 Derbyshire Road, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Phone: 317-783-9231

Where do Perry Township residents vote?2023-06-21T13:14:01-04:00
  • PTEC-Perry Township Educational Center-6548 Orinoco Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227
  • Southport Heights Christian Church-On McFarland and also on Pine St.
  • Brandeis Elementary School by U of Indy off Hanna Ave.
  • Indy Honda at the corner of Stop 12 and US 31. (Not certain of this one-may have been a one off for the last election.
  • The church (don’t know the name) at Sherman and County Line Rd
  • Perry Meridian High School at Rake Rd and Meridian School Rd (Stop 11 east of 135)
What time is Perry Seniors open?2023-06-21T13:14:02-04:00
  • 10-3: M – Th
  • 10-2: Fridays
  • Check out our calendar to see Perry Seniors closed days.
What events does Perry Seniors host?2023-06-21T13:14:02-04:00

Check out our calendar to see the type of events hosted at Perry Seniors.

Does Perry Seniors take old flags to be retired?2023-06-21T13:30:54-04:00

Although we use to take flags to be retire in a yearly ceremony the amount of flags became too much for us to continue to do so.  We recommend that you contact the local VFW or American Legion post in your area.

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