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Senior Workshops2023-06-21T13:19:04-04:00

$1,850 – One of our most asked for events are workshops. That could be educational, or artistic. Our senior community loves to get out and be here at these events. Your donation helps to bring these workshops in to our community room, and to keep the cost free for our seniors. Your donation allows us to host these events which are both social, helpful, and educational.

Senior Emergency Initiative2023-06-21T13:18:20-04:00

$2,000 – At Perry Senior services we are starting the initiative to help our seniors out in a crisis. They are on a fixed income and with the inflation and rise of prices for everything in life, we hope that by creating an emergency fund we will help our seniors with an electric bill, or food and necessities, and even medical equipment if needed. They deserve our help; they deserve their independence. They deserve to not be forgotten.

Senior Resource Help2023-06-21T13:17:25-04:00

$2,400 – Perry Senior has the initiative coming in 2023 to be a resources facility for the senior community in Perry Township. We are planning on adding help to file taxes, Medicaid signup assistance, and so on. We are looking to add into our facility some computers and professionals on those days to come in and assist. We are wanting hands on workshops so they can translate what they learned more easily into their everyday life.

Senior Fitness2023-06-21T13:16:34-04:00

$2,750 – Perry Senior Services provides a weekly half hour workout class on Thursday that our seniors love. It is no charge to the seniors; and we hope to be able to keep it that way. With your donation we hope to fulfill requests of more classes with instructors as another one of our initiatives for 2023.

Med Transport2023-06-21T13:15:31-04:00

$3,000 – Perry Senior Services provides approximately 30 free rides a week to seniors who otherwise would not have the means to make those medical appointments. With goals of more than doubling those rides in 2023, we are committed to offering some relief for our volunteers. Your donations will not only help with the rising gas prices as we can provide our volunteer drivers with gas cards to help continue providing the necessary need of med transportation. We are also raising the funds to acquire a wheelchair accessible van in hopes of giving access to our disabled seniors in Perry Township.

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